Female singer Beyonce: There are many awards, but also many scandals!

At the Billboard Music Awards to be held in Las Vegas (USA) on May 22, singer Beyonce will be honored with the Millennium Award.

According to Bill Werde, Editor-in-Chief of Billboard magazine, this decision is completely correct because “Beyonce is a multi-talented artist, representing superior qualities. With a unique performance style and understanding.” Knowing about business, she has inspired women everywhere.”

How Much is Beyonce Knowles's Net Worth Today

1.Beyonce Giselle Knowles just turned 30 years old this year. As a trendy singer, she is also a musician, actress, fashion designer and… model. Born and raised inHouston, stateTexas(USA), from a young age, Beyonce revealed her talent for performing (including dancing and singing). She has won many local singing and dancing competitions and received a lot of attention from the audienceHoustonSpecial attention.

In the late 90s of the last century, Beyonce’s name began to be widely known throughout the United States when she was the lead singer of the girl group Destiny’s Child. The group’s music records sell very well. The number of discs sold is estimated to have reached over seventy million.

Although she hasn’t had much time working as an artist, up to now, Beyonce has won many music awards and titles that any singer dreams of.

With assets of about 80 million USD, in 2008, Beyonce and her husband Jay – Z were honored as the couple with the largest assets among artists in Hollywood. Next, Beyonce won the top position in Forbes magazine’s rankings for the wealthiest stars under the age of 30.

Also according to Forbes’ poll, in 2009, Beyonce ranked fourth on the list of the 100 most powerful artists in the world (after actress Angelina Jolie, media queen Oprah Winfrey and singer Madonna).

Beyonce trở thành triệu phú nhờ kinh doanh âm nhạc - VnExpress Giải trí

On October 2, 2009, Beyonce was voted Woman of the Year by Billboard magazine. In December of that year, she continued to be voted Female Artist of the Decade by this magazine.

At the 2009 MTV Europe Awards held on the evening of November 5, 2009 in Berlin, Beyonce again won a resounding victory with 3 awards: Best Female Artist, Best Song and Best Video.

At the 2010 Grammy Music Awards held at Staples Center in Los Angeles, Beyonce surpassed many other stars to win four important awards (that year, she was the female singer with the most Grammy nominations). – a total of 10 nominations), including the Contemporary R&B Album Award, the Best R&B Female Artist Award, the Best Traditional R&B Song Award…

Not only famous for her singing and songwriting skills, this brown-skinned female singer also becomes extremely attractive because she knows how to make the most of her physical beauty. It’s hard to separate how many of Beyonce’s fans are ecstatic by her voice, and what percentage are ecstatic by the sexiness she represents. It’s not surprising that Beyonce was once classified as one of the supermodels of the fashion runway.

Pin on Celebrity Singers Red Carpet

According to a poll by readers of In Touch Weekly – USA (conducted in mid-October 2006), female singer Beyonce has the most attractive buttocks, surpassing her senior Jennifer Lopez and actresses Scarlett Johannson, Eva Longoria…

Professor Steven Plattek of Georgia Gwinnett University, in an article published in an online scientific magazine, once commented: “The curves on a woman’s body have an effect like an opium dose on the mind.” male brain”. And this professor used the case of Beyonce as an example. “Even though she’s a bit fat, here, body fat is not a big deal.” According to Steven Plattek, when it comes to the attractiveness of a woman’s body, men are often more concerned with “curve lines” than weight.

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2. Although success has come to Beyonce, her path has not always been paved with roses. First, in December 2006, on the website MediaTakeOut.com, people released news that stunned many Beyonce fans: Beyonce was not born in 1981 as she claimed, but in fact, She was born… 7 years earlier (ie 1974). Meaning, by that time, she was 32 years old, not 25. To reach this conclusion, the website owner presented a document that they said was taken from the records of the Department of Health.Texas, which clearly states: Baby girl Beyonce Giselle Knowles, father Mattheww Knowles; Mother is Celestine Ann Beyonce, born September 4, 1974.

Next was the incident that occurred in mid-November 2007, involving an oversized poster of Beyonce’s photo placed in front of KWNZ Radio Station.Las Vegas(a city famous for its many casinos). Many residents here could not hide their frustration at having to endure “eye pain” every day because of the large-sized photo of the singer wearing a biniki. “The poster is nothing more than a pornographic photo. My grandchildren often come here. I don’t want them to see this picture every day. If it appears on television, we can deal with it by changing to another channel.” , over here it just stays stuck here, there’s no way it can go away” – An old man expressed his attitude.

The leader of KWNZ Radio had to express their opinion on this issue: “The photo shows the female singer’s performance style. Shouldn’t we hang a photo of her wearing a sports outfit, like that? Is it suitable?”. Government representativeLas Vegasalso said that hanging the advertising photo did not violate any city regulations.

BEYONCE at Mrs. Carter Tour – HawtCelebs

Making a commercial for Heat perfume (the first perfume brand that Beyonce produced and promoted) also made Beyonce suffer a lot of criticism. In the commercial, this attractive brown-skinned singer shows off a bit… too much (the opening of the video is a scene of Beyonce naked in the bathtub, with the appearance of “sensitive” spots). ; then she continuously made suggestive movements, accompanied by a stimulating look). Ultimately, the images she showed in the commercial were considered “explicitly sexually stimulating” by the British Advertising Censorship Committee and forced to not be broadcast on British television before 7:30 p.m. is the time when teenagers focus their attention.

In addition to the image, the advertisement is also made with the music of the song “Fever” performed by Beyonce herself.

Also related to advertising: In early August 2008, Beyonce also encountered trouble when the black female singer was accused by fans of “losing herself” when appearing in advertising photos for the American company. L’Oreal product (France) with white skin and auburn hair.

Beyonce’s father is an African American and for a long time, with a large black audience, her characteristic brown skin has become familiar, a symbol of their love. Therefore, after criticizing Beyonce’s hair color change as stemming from advertising the effects of the Feria highlighter product set, many listeners turned to criticize L’Oreal for “excessively using photoshop”. ” to “bleach” Beyonce. This makes Beyonce look “weird, almost like a white version…” in photos.

Many listeners asked L’Oreal to explain the use of special effects to transform Beyonce’s image into that. Hundreds of listeners even called for a boycott of the French cosmetics company mentioned above.

Responding to this issue, a L’Oreal representative affirmed: There is absolutely no way they changed Beyonce’s natural skin color in the promotional photo.

Beyoncé victime d'un accident de robe très gênant en plein concert ! - MCE  TV

In 2009, although Beyonce achieved a lot of success, during a tour at Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Stadium, the singer with a fiery way of dressing and performing, Beyonce encountered problems. The show had to be postponed due to fierce opposition from Muslims. Members of the Islamist party PAS – the largest opposition party in the countryMalaysiaworried that the show would promote “Western sexy performances”.

It is known that two years earlier, another show of Beyonce was inMalaysiawas also canceled because of opposition from the opposition Islamist party. However, in this country where more than 60% of the population is Muslim, the government has issued a law that when performing, female artists must wear discreet costumes and not reveal any part of the body. from shoulder to toe. But, to meet this, for a singer like Beyonce, is also… difficult

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