Sandra Leos and her family had no idea they’d be in for the shock of their lives when they were met with a slithery surprise at her sister’s wedding.

The group that had gathered to celebrate the realtor’s sister Debbie’s summer wedding in Florence, Arizona, had expected laughter, tears, and perhaps a good slice of cake—anything other than a large reptile.

Leos captured a video of her youngest sibling, Erika Rodriguez, walking the intruding, giant snake out of the venue with purpose and keeping their sister’s big day on track. Leos’s video of the unexpected moment, which she posted on social media, has since been viewed more than 2 million times so far, with most viewers left in awe of Rodriguez’s bravery.

Leos herself laughed at the situation by captioning the post, “Weddings in Arizona.”

The video shows Rodriguez calmly removing the large snake that had intruded on the wedding festivities. She carefully holds it by the hand away from her body and moves it deeper into the luscious garden surrounding the venue.

“We were at our sister Debbie’s wedding on May 5, 2024, when suddenly this snake just appeared among the guests,” Leos told Newsweek.

Snake wedding
Sandra Leos’s sister, Erika Rodriguez, walking the snake out of the venue. They had been attending their sister Debbie’s wedding when they were met with the unpleasant surprise @SANDRALEOS22

Reactions to the video ranged from curiosity and admiration to sheer astonishment at Rodriguez’s unexpected act of bravery to ensure her family’s safety.